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What is ATI Consulting Solutions?

At ATI, we want to be the first choice for all your nursing educational needs, especially during challenging times and periods of growth. That’s why we created ATI Consulting Solutions — to offer nursing schools a broad range of relevant and timely consultation services carefully designed for nurse educators, by nurse educators. Our nurse consultants are highly regarded experts in the field, and our services are backed by years of experience, data and connections with over 4,000 nursing schools.

Our team of consultants is comprised of nurse educators with years of experience in their field and expertise on topics like Curriculum Development; Program Evaluation and Accreditation; Workplace Civility and Fostering Healthy Workplaces; and Faculty Development with a special emphasis on Scholarly Teaching and Active Learning Strategies as well as writing NCLEX-style items supported by Item Analysis and Test Blueprinting.

We support you and your faculty as you seek candidacy, initial accreditation or re-accreditation by explaining the accreditation process, interpreting the accreditation standards, assisting in the creation of required documentation and performing a mock site visit (Candidacy Presentation; Self Study).

We support you as you develop and implement your program evaluation plan establishing levels of achievement, data collection tools and a feedback process that supports evidence-based changes in your program.

When faculty shortages and training issues arise, we help with everything from mentoring new educators to training them on instructional strategies, item writing and other course and clinical management skills.

We assist you in developing the skills of your new faculty and administrators so they can confidently and effectively carry out their roles and responsibilities.

We work with you to update and revise your curriculum to keep it current and reflective of professional and accreditation standards.

With growing advancements in technology and proven effectiveness of simulation, let our nursing consultants enhance your faculty’s use of simulation techniques that best support student development of clinical competence.

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Navigating the Move to a Concept-Based Curriculum

Virtual Series


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“The ATI consulting team stepped in when we really needed guidance and has given us the framework for new concept-based curriculum and has also shown us how to use it. Bringing them in to review our program was a great use of time and money. We couldn’t be happier with the experience, and we recommend them to other educators as often as we can.”

Amy Dixon, RN, MSN, CNP
Owens Community College

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“Seeking outside assistance was uncomfortable at first. But we received great encouragement and advice from the ATI team. The ATI recommendations are working and the student pass rates and scores prove it”.

Janine Spencer, EdD, MSN, RN
San Joaquin Valley College

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“What we learned from the ATI consulting team on item writing and instructional strategies is helping us throughout our program, especially in our NCLEX content-based courses. Their perspective on these issues was invaluable – we received valuable information, in a timely manner, that we were able to implement in our classroom instruction immediately.”

Cynthia Wilkins, PhD, RN
Muskingum University

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“I’m proud of our faculty – we were honest about our need for Systematic Evaluation Plan guidance and improvement and we took steps to fix it. The ATI consulting team is helping us make changes that are useful and scalable so we can deliver the best nursing education experience we possibly can. We appreciate the new direction.”

Sharon Dormire, PhD, RN
Florida Atlantic University

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Our day spent together working on our BSN curriculum was very productive. Thank you for the detailed review of the curriculum components we were able to send to you in advance. After hearing your assessment of our curriculum it was evident that your review included a comprehensive analysis of each of our course syllabi and clinical evaluation tools. Thank you for your expertise in reviewing our program student learning outcomes and helping us determine where, and in which courses we needed to make changes.

Linda Quinn MA, MSN, PLMHP, RN
Midland University

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