The world of healthcare simulation has grown exponentially in recent years with future projections set to re-define nursing education. Simulation centers and tools are growing and expanding to prepare nurses for practice, maintain or validate clinical competence, and extend learning in safe environments where making mistakes is part of learning. With limited clinical placement opportunities and proven effectiveness of using simulation for up to 50% of students’ clinical experience, simulation is a valuable tool for many nursing programs when integrated correctly.

Ensuring your faculty is well-trained in the latest evidence-based simulation methods is essential to the health of your simulation program. Our nursing consultants work with you and your faculty to enhance their use of simulation techniques that support student development of clinical competence. Engaging students in simulated patient-care situations and healthcare environments facilitates the development of collaborative patient-centered care, evidence-based clinical judgment, and safe practice.

Let us help you:

  • Equip faculty with simulation strategies using best practices in a variety of settings across the curriculum
  • Design effective, evidence-based scenarios that meet student learning outcomes
  • Create safe environments that enhance clinical competence and incorporate reflective practices
  • Incorporate emerging technologies into simulation experiences
  • Select tools to evaluate simulation effectiveness and assess student competence
  • Collaborate with other healthcare disciplines through simulation for interprofessional education (IPE)